It has been a long hard and challenging week. As a chaplaincy team during the week we have dealt with youngsters with questions of faith, youngsters and adults who have lost loved ones recently and so much more.

It has been full on all week, starting the day at 8:30 am with morning prayer with the team and any that wanted to join with us, through to 10 pm at night.


Looking forward to being back with the Poacher team in 2021



Well I have made it to Thursday. It rained last night, a lot.

Currently we have one of our neighbours practicing overhead. We are hoping for a full display on Friday. Who are the neighbours you ask? RAF Brampton home of the red arrows.

This is work

So today is Sunday. After a night of heavy rain we get up to warm day.
We had morning prayer then a communion service. Followed by some site visits.

I have been offered mars bar cheesecake later in the day if I want

This is work

So how was Tuesday?

Tuesday started early.. The only way to ensure a hot shower is to be in there between 5.30 am and 6 am. So this intrepid traveller was there at 5.45 am.

Having spruced up it was then time to head off to breakfast at 7am, followed by morning prayer at 8.30

This was closely followed by the invasion of youngsters coming to do activities.
During the morning, two of us went out and about visiting around the site. Currently we are averaging about 25000 steps per day each.

I have sat and talked with someone who recently lost a close friend, been chatting to many from all over the UK and Europe.
This afternoon was mainly based in supporting the activities due to a couple of people needing time off due to illness.
What does tomorrow hold? It is visitor day, so approximately 3500 visitors including the bishop of Grantham.. Best behaviour for me then!!!